Our two-year-old squad have all been named.

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Our two-year-old colts who have all now been at their respective trainers for a couple of weeks have today all been officially named.

At KVT we allow all partners (16) in a yearling to suggest names for their horse. Once we have gone through them and eliminated the ones that we are unable to use we then shortlist the four best and allow the owners to vote on their favourite.

The newly named colts are as follows:

Churchill / Ihtifal colt – he has been named CHARTWELL HOUSE. Well done to Pauline for suggesting this.

Gregorian / Kabaya colt – he has been named PAPAL MUSIC. Well done to Donald for suggesting this.

Showcasing / Under The Covers colt – he has been named SNUGGLE. Well done to new owner Gerry for suggesting this.

Tasleet / Gone Sailing colt – he has been named FAIR WIND. Well done to Brian for suggesting this.

Thank you for the input from our other owners and lets hope these names are all in the winners enclosure this season!

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